Hey there, If you’re building web applications then Digital Ocean is a great service for spinning up just about anything. I have been using Digital Ocean to host my Laravel and other applications on Digital Ocean and I can vouch that it is currently the best and affordable hosting service out there in the web world.

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In the past, I have worked with Shared hosting services like SiteGround, Bluehost and also worked with spinning up EC2 instances on AWS. But nothing matches the simplicity of the Digital Ocean. I come from a development background and don't understand much of the server configuration and other things that go under the hood of hosting the application on the cloud, but with Digital ocean the provisioning experience is great.

Here are the findings of Rasmus Lerdorf (Founder of PHP) on how great digital ocean is

[caption id="attachment_3122" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Ref: https://toys.lerdorf.com/low-cost-vps-testing#digitalocean[/caption]