This post shows how to add a Amazon RDS MySQL instance to your Beanstalk Application.

Adding new RDS Instance

  1. Login to your Amazon AWS console and navigate to Beanstalk Dashboard
  2. Select the Beanstalk panel in which you wish to add the RDS instance
  3. Select Configuration from the left menu panel
  4. In the configuration go to the bottom of all widgets, to the section Data tier
  5. Select create new RDS Tier from there
  6. Select the appropriate username and password, and click Apply to save the changes.Default Environment Configuration

Allowing remote connectivity to MySQL Database through local client

  1. Navigate to the EC2 Dashboard in your Amazon AWS
  2. In the left menu panel select "Security Groups", you will notice a new security group is added to the list for the newly created Data Source
  3. Select the security group, go to the Inbound rule tab and Edit the only rule available thereEC2 Management Console
  4. For connection type MySQL / Aurora, change the IP to your Local IP Anywhere instead of Custom IP.

You can connect to your MSQL Datasource thorough your mysql client, I am using Sequel Pro.
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.12.16 pm