There are a lot of tools, software and open source pieces of software that I reply to get my work done. On this page, I list all of them, and I will keep updating it as and when I change or upgrade.

1. Hardware
2. Software
3. This blog's stack.


I use a MacBook M1 Pro with Silicone Chip as my primary machine. When I am working in the office, I attached it to an external monitor which is Lenovo - D19-10, 18.5 Inch Monitor


I am currently on OSX Monetery i.e. v 12.6. I have installed PHP and other required software on the system using HomeBrew.
For local Laravel development, I am using Laravel Valet.

I write my code using VSCode editor, and the default theme setup on it.
Following are the VSCode extensions that I have currently installed.
1. Escape HTML Code. (I use this to escape the HTML code for the use of pasting it in the blog code snippets)
2. GitLens - Git Supercharged
3. Live Server - To host the HTML project.
4. PHP Debug
5. PHP Intelephense
6. PHP Intellisense
7. PHP Namespace Resolver
8. Tailwind CSS Intellisense

I use DBngin to manage the MySQL on the system and use TablePlus client to interact with the database.

This blog's stack

This blog uses Laravel on the Backend and TailwindCSS on the frontend for the customer facing part of the application. However I am still using WordPress admin panel to manage the blogs. The blog was originally based on Wordpress and then I migrated the blog to Laravel.

The blog is hosted on Digital Ocean Server, and I use Laravel Forge to manage deployments. I use cloudflare to manage DNS settings of the blog.

For the website traffic analytics I use Fathom Analytics and I moved to it for its simplicity after using Google Analytics from many years.