Before knowing about php artisan commands in Laravel you should install laravel, which is already described in our previous posts. You can follow any of these posts as per your requirement.

Let's understand about php artisan & it's uses in laravel.

php artisan in Laravel Framework is one of it's amazing feature.  It saves a lots of time in developing a laravel Website/Application.

What is php artisan ?

php artisan is the default command line interface in laravel. It consists of number of commands which helps in developing a laravel application easily. If you have already installed laravel, then you must have an general idea about the following artisan command which starts laravel application for execution.

php artisan serve



Here my laravel project is named as laravel which is placed in htdocs folder. Then in terminal I entered into laravel directory then typed php artisan serve command. As you can see laravel development server started with a url Here 8000 is port no. It may different in your case.

Now Let's go through some php artisan commands.To get list of available php artisan commands in laravel run the following command in Terminal.

php artisan list

php artisan list

Here  we will know about some commands which will be very helpful for you.

php artisan help

It displays help for a command
php artisan help









Using php artisan make command we can create a controller, model & migrations etc. automatically in our application.
The list of artisan make commands in laravel are as follows.


Let's go through some commands.

php artisan make:controller controllername
//Replace controllername with your controllername as below
php artisan make:controller LoginController

It will create a new controller named LoginController in application in path app/http/controllers.
php artisan make:controller

Laravel default controller
You can see the controller LoginController.php with code is created in the application by the command. So no need to create a file in controller folder. This is really awesome feature in Laravel.

php artisan make:controller controllername --resource
//Replace controllername with your controllername as below
php artisan make:controller CrudController --resource

It will create a resource controller named CrudController in application. You can see in below snapshot that CrudController has been created in applications in path app/http/controllers.

laravel resource controller

So in resource Controller following methods will be created be default.These are index(), create(), store(), show(), edit() & destroy(). You can see these methods in following code.
Using these method one can perform CRUD (create,Read,Update & Delete) operations easily by editing the codes.

php artisan make:model Studentmodel

It will create a model in app directory as Studentmodel.php

laravel default Model

php artisan make:middleware TestMiddleware

It will create a middleware in the application in path app/http/middleware/

laravel middleware example

php artisan make:migration alter_users_table

php artisan make:migration
Here users is the existing table name. A migration file will be created in app/database/migrations.

laravel database migration file
Now you can edit the migration file by writing code in up() & down() to perform database operations on that table.
After that by running the following command the codes will execute & respective fields will be migrated.You can check in your database.

php artisan migrate

Now let's go through some artisan commands in brief

php artisan make:seeder LoginsTableSeeder

The above artisan command a new database seeder class will be created..

php artisan make:request StoreNews

The above artisan command will create a new form request class will be created in app/Http/Requests folder.

php artisan make:middleware CheckBirthDate

The above artisan command a new middleware class will be created in app/Http/Middleware folder.

php artisan make:mail TicketBooked

The above command will create a new email class.

php artisan -v

It will show the current laravel version along with it will show all the available commands in php artisan.
php artisan -v

To clear cache in laravel 5.7 run the below artisan command

php artisan cache:clear

To Clear Route cache run the below artisan command:

php artisan route:cache

php artisan route:cache
To clear view cache run the below artisan command:

php artisan view:clear

To clear config cache run the below artisan command:

php artisan config:cache

To generate key in laravel run the following command:

php artisan key:generate

php artisan key:generate

The above artisan commands are really helpful. After knowing the uses of these commands you can explore for other artisan commands.

Happy fun with php artisan commands in Laravel!