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I always dreaded learning about Mocking in testing assuming it would be something too complex, and I never really had the requirement of using Mocking in my Laravel tests. But now since I have a ba...
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Introduction Since we are looking into the foundations of working in a team, which also includes defining a set of rules for formatting files. In the previous article, we discussed Fixing the st...
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Introduction Database Migrations in Laravel provide a convenient way to interact with the database and help us properly structure our database, so working with the migrations and database is quite si...
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Laravel's default timestamps are stored in UTC, and if you working with an application in which users who are in a different timezone, they might see a timestamp in the application which does not matc...
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As I am learning more and more about Test driven development. I am getting fascinated with this approach of development and the enormous benefits that it brings for the application development. So...
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